Wild’s words about wolves inspires T‑shirt company

Thanks to the in­ter­net, a lot of people con­tact me about my books. These are usu­ally folks who have read one (or more) of them and want to com­ment on some as­pect of what I’ve written.

But I was sur­prised to hear from a Canadian com­pany that designs and prints premi­um wild­life T‑shirts for an­im­al lov­ers. Dark & Wilder was cre­ated by Aimé Huot and Ashley Miron and is based in Ottawa, Ontario. The com­pany is named after their two dogs and pro­motes healthy wild­life populations.

But what really made me smile was their com­ment that they’d read a quote by me and found it so pro­found that they cre­ated a meme/​quote to post on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

“I hope people will learn to see wolves for what they are, not what we want or per­ceive  them to be.” Paula Wild


My words and an Algonquin wolf, wow.

Aimé and Ashley’s pair­ing of words and wolf is es­pe­cially poignant as the Algonquin wolf, now only found in parts of Ontario, has been clas­si­fied as threatened since June 2016.



Sometimes called the east­ern wolf, Algonquin wolves are threatened by low pop­u­la­tion num­bers, in­ter­breed­ing with west­ern coyotes and hu­man de­vel­op­ment, as well as hunt­ing, trap­ping and  be­ing hit by vehicles.


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  1. I have ten­ted in many places in and around Algonquin Park from 1990 to 1999 with chil­dren and without. The most amaz­ing creatures live there in har­mony with each oth­er — wolves be­ing the most curi­ous. My then-hus­band and I were once camp­ing alone south of the high­way at Bissett Creek, when in the middle of the night a pack of young wolves came around our tent to check us out as they moved through the area. A few minutes later we heard them in the dis­tance, a short burst of howls, then peace. Magnificence. In 2016 I took my two sons back to the area, only to find that NONE of the drive­ways down to the lakes are ac­cess­ible any­more be­cause the land has ALL been por­tioned off and is be­ing built on. And we ques­tion why the wild­life is dis­ap­pear­ing? Seriously? I now live in the NWT and find that there are SO many people ig­nor­ant of how pre­cious are the Gulo gulo and the Canis lupus to our eco­sys­tems, and how ut­terly harm­less they are to hu­mans IF WE PAY THEM THEIR DUE RESPECT and al­low them their ne­ces­sary hab­it­at. Rant fin­ished. All this to Thank You, very much, for shar­ing your wis­dom and know­ledge in vari­ous me­di­um. I es­pe­cially like the muzzle close-up in “How keen is a wolf’s sense of smell?” 🙂 Have you been to Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary? Or Smithers to see the bears? Cheers, k

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