Cougar Stories


Cougars and lions

Cougars and lions are very dif­fer­ent but when it comes to prey, they share the same in­tent fo­cus and stealthy means of at­tack. Read More »

Catch a cougar by the tail

Some track­ing hounds go to ex­traordin­ary lengths to catch a cou­gar. That in­cludes grabbing them by the tail and climb­ing trees. Read More »

Saw a cougar on the way to sell The Cougar 

The cou­gar lan­guidly crossed the road, not pay­ing any at­ten­tion at all to the car. He was the Lord of the Forest and knew it. Read More »

The Cougar wins gold!

Books don’t just hap­pen. In the non-fic­tion realm, they’re a huge col­lab­or­a­tion between au­thor, in­ter­viewees and pub­lish­er. Read More »

Cougars in urban areas

hidden cougarIt’s un­be­liev­able how stealthy and quiet cou­gars are. And how of­ten they can be near hu­mans – on trails or even in urb­an areas – without any­one no­ti­cing. Visit here to view im­ages and a video clip of a cou­gar cas­u­ally strolling the streets of a res­id­en­tial area in south­ern California. As well as be­ing si­lent, cou­gars can … Read More »

The Cougar shortlisted for two awards!

Paula Wild’s BC best­selling book The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous (Douglas & McIntyre) has been nom­in­ated for two awards in as many days!Read More »

Cougar chasing monkey in tree for food…or fun?

Some the­or­ies on why a cou­gar chased a mon­key through the trees. Read More »

Cougar leaping fence 

Cougars can jump five metres — around the height of a single story house — straight up from a stand still. Read More »

Wild female cougar adopts orphaned cubs 

Researchers with Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project in Jackson Hole, Wyoming were sur­prised to dis­cov­er that a fe­male cou­gar with young of her own had ad­op­ted three orphaned cubs. Read More »

Cougars are excellent swimmers 

Cougars have been tracked swim­ming dis­tances of 6.5 kilo­metres, And if there is a boat in the area, they in­vari­ably head straight to­ward it. Read More »

Cougars are strong…smart too

Cougars are ex­quis­itely built killing ma­chines cap­able of tak­ing down an an­im­al sev­en times their size.Read More »

CBC Radio All Points West interview 

Jo-Ann Roberts talks to Paula Wild about the re­la­tion­ship between hu­mans and cou­gars on Vancouver Island. Read More »

Cougars are Curious 

Like all cats, cou­gars are curi­ous. But a curi­ous cou­gar can quickly turn into a dan­ger­ous one if some­thing trig­gers its chase and kill in­stinct. Read More »



Banner photo: Courtesy University of Houston Alumni & Houston Zoo