One Hundred Years of Living

A Plewes Family History

by Paula Wild

Photos from Plewes family collection

Published by Don Plewes

The sum­mer of 2010 Paula drove to Comox one day a week to inter­view Louise Plewes. Louise, 99 at the time, still lived on her own, drove a car and even had a com­puter and email account.

Memories: One Hundred Years of Living. Isabel Louise PlewesTo com­mem­or­ate her upcom­ing 100th birth­day, Louise’s son, Don, com­mis­sioned Paula to write the Plewes fam­ily his­tory. The story traces the Pearce and Plewes fam­il­ies from their English roots to their new lives in Canada with a focus on Louise’s life and accom­plish­ments.

For Paula, meet­ing and get­ting to know Louise was more than a job, it was also an inspir­a­tion for how to age grace­fully, have a mean­ing­ful exist­ence and enjoy life at all stages.

According to Louise, “Age is just a num­ber; it’s how well you’ve lived your life that counts. Remaining phys­ic­ally act­ive and men­tally engaged is import­ant. So is faith, as well as a pos­it­ive atti­tude and con­trib­ut­ing to the com­munity.”

For Louise, these are essen­tial ingredi­ents for 100 years of liv­ing.