Writing books has taken Paula from remote wilderness locations to urban centres and everywhere in between. She’s interviewed people in upscale condos and while sitting on a log on the beach.

Along the way, she’s been given countless cups of tea and offered unusual treats such as Gut Buster Cookies. She’s also been fed ooligans cooked over an open fire and, on occasion, potent glasses of homemade blackberry wine.

“Following the thread of a story is always exciting, you never know where it will take you,” she says. “Receiving a grant to see some rotting fish was odd…and discovering I didn’t mind the smell, even more so. And once an RCMP officer told me – that for my own safety – I’d better leave town right after conducting a particular interview.”

“Writing a book is always an adventure. If it’s nonfiction, you get to follow leads, investigate rumours and ask lots of questions. A novel, on the other hand, means your imagination gets a real workout.”

“Either way, you better love your topic because you’ll be with it a long time. You need to feel passionate about the story and be prepared to follow it to the end.”

All books can be ordered from your local inde­pend­ent book­store, or online from Indigo or Amazon.

If you’d like an auto­graphed copy, please con­tact Paula


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Banner photo: Nuchatlitz Provincial Park. Photo by Paula Wild