Cougars are strong…smart too

Cougars are ex­quis­itely built killing ma­chines cap­able of tak­ing down an an­im­al sev­en times their size. But this strength can’t be fully ap­pre­ci­ated un­less witnessed.

A 2001 video taken in New Mexico shows a 70-kilo­gram (150-pound) cou­gar tack­ling a 120-kilogrom (265-pound) mule deer.maxablebcr2.jpg

The strength of the cou­gar as it takes down this deer is in­cred­ible. Even be­ing kicked re­peatedly in the head by sharp hooves does not per­suade the cat to let go. And when its ini­tial at­tempts to kill the deer don’t work, the cou­gar em­ploys a new strategy.

Don’t for­get to watch the tip of the cougar’s tail.

CBC Radio All Points West interview

Click the link be­low to listen to Jo-Ann Roberts in­ter­view Paula on CBC Radio All Points West on Sept. 12, 2013, a few days after a cou­gar at­tacked a wo­man on Flores Island.

Stalking the cou­gar We meet the Vancouver Island wo­man whose curi­ous­ity about the fe­ro­cious cat has res­ul­ted in a brand new book.