Cougars are strong…smart too

Cougars are exquisitely built killing machines capable of taking down an animal seven times their size. But this strength can’t be fully appreciated unless witnessed.

A 2001 video taken in New Mexico shows a 70-kilogram (150-pound) cougar tackling a 120-kilogrom (265-pound) mule deer.maxablebcr2.jpg

The strength of the cougar as it takes down this deer is incredible. Even being kicked repeatedly in the head by sharp hooves does not persuade the cat to let go. And when its initial attempts to kill the deer don’t work, the cougar employs a new strategy.

Don’t forget to watch the tip of the cougar’s tail.

CBC Radio All Points West interview

Click the link below to listen to Jo-Ann Roberts interview Paula on CBC Radio All Points West on Sept. 12, 2013, a few days after a cougar attacked a woman on Flores Island.

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