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Four writers, four questions #4 Rick James

Maritime history has always been of particular interest to me especially having been born and raised on Canada’s West Coast and spending a lot of time out on the water ever since I was a boy sports fishing with dad on southern Vancouver Island. Continue reading

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Preparing to launch Part 3 – guest blog by Rick James

The PowerPoint presentation went well and the crowd was eager to buy books. And then it happend, about seven signed books in. Writer Rick James’s past caught up with him. Continue reading

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Making the BC Bestseller list – guest blog by Rick James

Publicity – or the lack of it – can make or break a new book. Many promotions focus on social media but there is another way that can be just as, or perhaps even more, sucessful. Continue reading

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Technical troubles? Find a teenager.

These days there’s a definite disadvantage to not growing up in the digital generation. Here’s the story of how a teenager saved the day…more than once. Continue reading

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