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Four writers, four questions #4 Rick James

Maritime his­tory has always been of par­tic­u­lar interest to me espe­cially hav­ing been born and raised on Canada’s West Coast and spend­ing a lot of time out on the water ever since I was a boy sports fish­ing with dad on south­ern Vancouver Island. Continue read­ing

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Preparing to launch Part 3 — guest blog by Rick James

The PowerPoint present­a­tion went well and the crowd was eager to buy books. And then it hap­pend, about sev­en signed books in. Writer Rick James’s past caught up with him. Continue read­ing

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Making the BC Bestseller list — guest blog by Rick James

Publicity — or the lack of it — can make or break a new book. Many pro­mo­tions focus on social media but there is anoth­er way that can be just as, or per­haps even more, sucess­ful. Continue read­ing

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Technical troubles? Find a teenager.

These days there’s a def­in­ite dis­ad­vant­age to not grow­ing up in the digit­al gen­er­a­tion. Here’s the story of how a teen­ager saved the day…more than once. Continue read­ing

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