Social media not necessary to be BC bestseller

My partner’s new book – West Coast Wrecks & Other Maritime Tales – is on the BC Bestseller list!

And he didn’t use any social media to get it there. That’s right, no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn and no blog. Rick (James) doesn’t even have a web­site.

So, how did he accom­plish this?

Well, it’s a great book to begin with. In twenty-one chapters he explores fas­cin­at­ing tales of ship­wrecks, shares the stor­ies of some unique coastal char­ac­ters and details oth­er note­worthy events in BC mari­time his­tory.

West Coast Wrecks a BC best­seller.

The cov­er, a com­mis­sioned paint­ing by Peter Rindlisbacher depict­ing the wreck of the Geo. S Wright, is stun­ning. And the book is Harbour Publishing’s Raincoast Chronicles 21.

Raincoast Chronicles have been pop­u­lar col­lect­or items since Howard White pub­lished the first one 39 years ago. But still, West Coast Wrecks had only been out two weeks when it made the BC Bestseller list and hadn’t received any pub­li­city yet.

So, what’s Rick’s secret? He worked his way onto the best­seller list the old-fash­ioned way.

By chance he happened to be in Victoria soon after the book came out. He vis­ited every book store he could think of, intro­duced him­self and offered to sign cop­ies of West Coast Wrecks.

As a res­ult, many book­stores put ‘Signed by Author’ stick­ers on the front cov­er and moved the book to a more prom­in­ent dis­play loc­a­tion. Rick repeated the pro­cess when he returned home to Courtenay.

Isn’t it thought-pro­vok­ing to dis­cov­er that amidst all the social media hype, a little enthu­si­asm and leg­work, coupled with a friendly man­ner can have such an impact?

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2 Responses to Social media not necessary to be BC bestseller

  1. Rick Metzger says:

    I would like to get in con­tact with Rick James to share inform­a­tion on a 1895 seal­ing schoon­er wreck that I am fam­il­ar with in Alaska. If this can be for­war­ded to him and if he is inter­ested he can con­tact me
    Thank you

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