The Cougar shortlisted for two awards!

I’m so excited! And none of it would have happened without all the hard work, energy and organ­iz­a­tion of the staff at Douglas & McIntyre. The D&M/Harbour pub­lish­ing team are abso­lutely the best!

Here’s the press release my pub­li­cist, Heather Lohnes, sent out March 13: 

Paula Wild’s The Cougar Receives Two Award Nominations in Two Days

     Author Paula Wild’s BC best­selling book The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous (Douglas & McIntyre; $34.95) has been nom­in­ated for two awards in as many days. Just yes­ter­day, the BC Book Prizes announced that The Cougar is a final­ist for their 2014 Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award. And today, Foreword Reviews has announced it as a final­ist for their 2013 Book of the Year Awards, in the cat­egory of Nonfiction – Nature.

The Cougar blends nat­ur­al his­tory, sci­entif­ic research, First Nations stor­ies and first-per­son accounts to explore our evolving rela­tion­ship with the power­ful and intriguing pred­at­or called cou­gar, puma, moun­tain lion, and approx­im­ately forty oth­er names. It also includes amaz­ing pho­to­graphs and up-to-date inform­a­tion on cou­gar aware­ness and defense tac­tics for those liv­ing, work­ing or trav­el­ling in cou­gar coun­try. Throughout, author Paula Wild delves into what makes this anim­al that both fas­cin­ates and fright­ens us so beau­ti­ful, so dan­ger­ous, and why cou­gars remain an import­ant and valu­able part of our envir­on­ment.

Paula Wild is the author of sev­er­al oth­er books, includ­ing One River, Two Cultures, The Comox Valley and Sointula: Island Utopia, win­ner of a B.C. Historical Federation Certificate of Merit. She has also writ­ten for numer­ous peri­od­ic­als, includ­ing Beautiful British Columbia, Reader’s Digest and Canada’s History Magazine. She lives in Courtenay, BC.

The BC Book Prizes’ Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award, sup­por­ted by the BC Booksellers’ Association, is presen­ted to the pub­lish­er and the author of the book that is most suc­cess­ful in terms of pub­lic appeal, ini­ti­at­ive, design, pro­duc­tion and con­tent. The win­ner will be announced at the 30th Annual Lieutenant Governor’s BC Book Prizes Gala in Vancouver on May 3, 2014. For more inform­a­tion on this award, vis­it www​.bcbook​prizes​.ca.

The Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards cel­eb­rate new indie books from authors and pub­lish­ers whose work stands out from the crowd, with awards in over sixty cat­egor­ies. The win­ners of the 16th Annual Book of the Year Awards will be cel­eb­rated at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas on June 27, 2014. For more inform­a­tion on this award, vis­it www​.botya​.fore​wordre​views​.com.

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