Cougars are Curious

Photo by Verena Vomastic

Photo by Verena Vomastic

Like all cats, cougars are curious. They’re attracted to movements, noises and objects they haven’t seen before. But a curious cougar can quickly become a dangerous one if something triggers its chase and kill instinct.

The most common triggers are quick, erratic actions such as jogging or children playing, high-pitched, prey-like sounds or an animal or person appearing vulnerable because they are alone, seem injured or are small, which includes crouching or squatting.

The young adult cougar shown here was photographed staring in a Manitou Springs, Colorado home. At one point the cat stood up and put its paws on the window and the owners worried the glass would break.

Luckily, the cougar decided it had seen enough and sauntered away. And tracks in the snow revealed that it wasn’t travelling alone. The size of the paw prints indicated it was accompanied by its mother and a sibling.


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  1. Wendy Morlok (Knapp) says:

    Very proud of you Paula, I am also proud to say you helped raise me. I love to boast about the books you have written. You helped me pass grade 12 english, I’ll never forget. I hope all your books give joy to the people who read them.

    • Paula says:

      Dear Wendy,

      How very sweet, thanks so much! I do remember helping you with that grade 12 English course – it was a challenge for both of us!

      Can’t wait to see you in Nanaimo!

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