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Rides That Way by Susan Ketchen

Sylvia is galloping through life as only a fourteen year old can do. At school there are friends, bullies and worse. Dinner with her parents is like sidling through a field of land mines. And all of a sudden she’s Keeper of the Secrets: her own, her grandpa’s and her riding coach’s. Continue reading

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Four writers, four questions #2 Susan Ketchen

Brene Brown says that unused creativity is not benign. It’s something like a border collie that lives in an apartment: if you don’t give it a job, it will find one. Furniture may suffer. Continue reading

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Preparing to launch – guest blog by Susan Ketchen

A book launch brings many decisions: date, venue, refreshments, invitations and speech. But the one many authors get hung up on is: What should I wear? Continue reading

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