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An editor is your ally, not your enemy

Some people balk at hav­ing their work edited. But few words have been writ­ten — even by the best authors — that can’t be improved upon. Like rid­ing a bike, edit­ing is a skill that can be learned. And a neces­sary one if you want to be suc­cess­ful. Many pro­fes­sion­al writers say that edit­ing and rewrit­ing is the largest part of writ­ing a book. Continue read­ing

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Clean Copy

Placenta and placemat, the dif­fer­ence is obvi­ous. Or maybe not.

Everyone knows how easy it is to mis­spell words, espe­cially if you’re going like gang­busters on the com­puter. No mat­ter how good a typ­ist you are, fast fin­gers tend to strike the wrong keys from time to time. Continue read­ing

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