Cougar Stories

Cougars and lions

Cougars and lions are very different but when it comes to prey, they share the same intent focus and stealthy means of attack. Read More »

Catch a cougar by the tail

Some tracking hounds go to extraordinary lengths to catch a cougar. That includes grabbing them by the tail and climbing trees. Read More »

Saw a cougar on the way to sell The Cougar

The cougar languidly crossed the road, not paying any attention at all to the car. He was the Lord of the Forest and knew it. Read More »

The Cougar wins gold!

Books don't just happen. In the non-fiction realm, they're a huge collaboration between author, interviewees and publisher. Read More »

Cougars in urban areas

hidden cougarIt’s unbelievable how stealthy and quiet cougars are. And how often they can be near humans – on trails or even in urban areas – without anyone noticing. Visit here to view images and a video clip of a cougar … Read More »

The Cougar shortlisted for two awards!

Paula Wild’s BC bestselling book The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous (Douglas & McIntyre) has been nominated for two awards in as many days! Read More »

Cougar chasing monkey in tree for food...or fun?

Some theories on why a cougar chased a monkey through the trees. Read More »

Cougar leaping fence

Cougars can jump five metres - around the height of a single story house - straight up from a stand still. Read More »

Wild female cougar adopts orphaned cubs

Researchers with Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project in Jackson Hole, Wyoming were surprised to discover that a female cougar with young of her own had adopted three orphaned cubs. Read More »

Cougar Sounds 2

Mac the cougar gets vocal while waiting to be fed. Read More »

Cougars are excellent swimmers

Cougars have been tracked swimming distances of 6.5 kilometres, And if there is a boat in the area, they invariably head straight toward it. Read More »

Cougars are too

Cougars are exquisitely built killing machines capable of taking down an animal seven times their size. Read More »

CBC Radio All Points West interview

Jo-Ann Roberts talks to Paula Wild about the relationship between humans and cougars on Vancouver Island. Read More »

Cougar sounds

Cougars hiss, growl, purr and even scream. Read More »

Cougars are Curious

Like all cats, cougars are curious. But a curious cougar can quickly turn into a dangerous one if something triggers its chase and kill instinct. Read More »