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Four writers, four questions #2 Susan Ketchen

Brene Brown says that unused creativity is not benign. It’s something like a border collie that lives in an apartment: if you don’t give it a job, it will find one. Furniture may suffer. Continue reading

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Cougars are strong…smart too

Cougars are exquisitely built killing machines capable of taking down an animal seven times their size. Continue reading

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On the Edge

Jessica had it all: a spouse, a car, a job and a house in Europe. But every time her life seemed perfect, it fell apart. At 28, divorced and unemployed, a friend stuck a needle in her arm to make her feel better. Continue reading

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Preparing to Launch Part 2 – guest blog by Harold Macy

Signing books at events is part of being an author. It’s an opportunity to leave your solitary desk, chat with people who are interested in your book and perhaps make some money. It also gives authors a chance to deal with outfit anxiety, overlapping lifestyle images and potentially embarrassing moments. Continue reading

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