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Four writers, four questions #2 Susan Ketchen

Brene Brown says that unused cre­ativ­ity is not benign. It’s some­thing like a bor­der col­lie that lives in an apart­ment: if you don’t give it a job, it will find one. Furniture may suf­fer. Continue read­ing

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Cougars are strong…smart too

Cougars are exquis­itely built killing machines cap­able of tak­ing down an anim­al sev­en times their size. Continue read­ing

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On the Edge

Jessica had it all: a spouse, a car, a job and a house in Europe. But every time her life seemed per­fect, it fell apart. At 28, divorced and unem­ployed, a friend stuck a needle in her arm to make her feel bet­ter. Continue read­ing

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Preparing to Launch Part 2 — guest blog by Harold Macy

Signing books at events is part of being an author. It’s an oppor­tun­ity to leave your sol­it­ary desk, chat with people who are inter­ested in your book and per­haps make some money. It also gives authors a chance to deal with out­fit anxi­ety, over­lap­ping life­style images and poten­tially embar­rass­ing moments. Continue read­ing

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