Cougar sounds

Cougars, sometimes called ghost-cats, are quiet animals capable of creeping up on their prey without a sound. But they do hiss, purr and growl and make a variety of other noises.

When I visited Cougar Mountain Zoo, I thought one of the young cougars was sick as it kept emitting a soft cough. Turns out that’s a not uncommon greeting between cougars and, in this case, between cougars and nearby humans.

Cougars also scream when sick, desperate or in heat. The latter is a nerve-wracking shriek that sounds like a woman being murdered. Once heard it is never forgotten.

Female cougars and their offspring make bird-like chirps to locate each other. Once a young cougar was shipped to a zoo along with an assortment of exotic birds. When the animals reached their destination, the handlers thought the cougar hadn’t been loaded, as all they heard were birds chirping. It was only when they removed the covers from the travel crates that they discovered the lonely cub.

Check out this link from Big Cat Rescue to listen to some cougar and other big cat sounds.




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