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“British Columbia savant Paula Wild has written an instant classic in her 2013 work The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous. Wild’s genial narration creates as fine a work of popular natural history as the American mountain lion has ever received. Here in one book is everything a curious reader might want to know about this remarkable animal. It should be required reading for every hiker, rancher, and suburb-dweller, especially the ones who don’t imagine they could meet a lion just after lunch on Trailhead 2.”
~ Open Letters Monthly, an Arts and Literature Review

“In this engaging study, B.C.-based author Wild (One River, Two Cultures) details the complex relationship between humans and the big cats that serve as ‘compelling icons of everything humans fear and admire.’ Wild provides helpful tips on living safely in cougar country and urges a greater understanding of these predators in order to create a more harmonious human-feline coexistence. With rich photos and lively prose, Wild’s informative book should be of interest to wildlife specialists and general readers alike.”
~ Publishers Weekly

“Paula Wild has brilliantly distilled everything you may or may not have wanted to know about mountain lions plus things you may never have thought to question about the big cats into a page-turning journey of discovery. The book covers cougar biology, nature, history and behavior, as well as encounters and attacks. Wild has crystalized her observations and research into useful, yes, essential information for anyone who may encounter a cougar. Her goal of informing people for their safety as well as for the well-being of this infamous predator, has been my primary goal as well. But her analysis provides the reader a great shortcut to what is most meaningful and important.”

“An essential read for anyone living in cougar country.”
~ The Log: Friends of Ecological Reserves

“Paula Wild is an amazing woman and writer…very charming, inspirational too.”
~ Jo-Ann Roberts, CBC Radio All Points West.

“The Cougar is a fascinating read and will grace book shelves for many years offering insights into the secret life of cougars.”
~ Sooke News Mirror

“The Cougar is a “must-read” for anyone who wants to know about this captivating yet potentially deadly beast – or for anyone who plans to visit, work, or live in cougar country!”
~ The Midwest Book Review

“If sensational cougar attacks on people and their pets make you hungry to know more about these elusive felines, then Paula Wild’s The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous is for you.”
~ Vancouver Sun

“An excellent read.”
~ Campbell River Courier Islander

“A fascinating book.”
~ Coast Reporter Sunshine Coast

TV interviews

Global TV’s BC The Weekday Morning News with Steve Darling and Sophie Lui.

Shaw TV’s The Rush with Fiona Forbes.

Radio interviews

CBC Radio One’s The Early Edition with Rick Cluff.

Mountain FM Radio with Kirstin Ridout.

CBC’s All Points West with Jo-Ann Roberts.

Readers’ comments

“I really enjoyed reading The Cougar! It was captivating and difficult to put down. I have yet to see a cougar in the wild, but if that ever happens I have a much better understanding of how to respond!”
~ Andrew Bennett

“Just finished your book and wanted to thank you for writing it!  Engaging, informative, demystifying. I don’t live in cougar country, but I travel and hike there often, and I feel better equipped to handle an (extremely unlikely) encounter now.”
~ Noah Comet, professor of Literature and wildlife advocate, US Naval Academy.

“I just finished reading your new book The Cougar and it  was one of the best and most informative I’ve ever read on the subject and I’ve read all of them.”
~ Spencer Ward

“Your book taught me so much about cougars and what to do if I ever encounter one. I am an avid hiker, often alone, and I now feel more confident and will bring the necessary weapons just in case the worst were to happen, not to mention think twice about hiking at dusk. I am a believer in co-existence with cougars and other large predators but its bedrock is knowledge, like you write in your book. ”
~ Coral Nast

“My book just arrived today, and OH MY! I’ve been looking for a book like this all my life. It is just wonderful. I live in Cougar country, and this will be very helpful in learning more about them.”
~ Margaret Gahner

“The best non-fiction I’ve ever read.”
~ Sherry Abramson

“Great work…it will be as important as Stephen Herrero’s Bear Attacks Their Causes and Avoidance.”
~ Gottfried Esch Photography

“The best cougar publication ever.”
~ Dave Eyer

“A beautiful book and very engaging.”
~ Darrel Joan Tomkins

“It’s so nice to see cougars being represented as majestic and not demonized.”
~ Danielle Thompson, Wildlife Biologist, Parks Canada.

“I read the first chapter last night and was totally engrossed. I’m buying two more copies for Christmas presents.”
~ Woman in a Port McNeill parking lot.

“Loved the book!”
~ Carole Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue

“Thanks for such an interesting read! I was able to pull a lot of valuable information from the book.”
~ Meg Toom, coordinator WildSafeBC Program for the District of Squamish.

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