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The writer’s room by Yvonne Maximchuk

Author and artist Yvonne Maximchuk balances interior and exterior space to develop her creative projects. Continue reading

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Rebellious Worker-Bee Rides the Back of the Alligator – guest blog by Amanda Hale

Writing is a precarious craft involving uncertain measures of worker-bee diligence and free-wheeling inspiration. Author Amanda Hale was all set to plunge into a dark novel set in World War II when the crowing roosters and snorting pigs of Cuba sent her on another journey. Continue reading

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Preparing to launch Part 3 – guest blog by Rick James

The PowerPoint presentation went well and the crowd was eager to buy books. And then it happend, about seven signed books in. Writer Rick James’s past caught up with him. Continue reading

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Preparing to Launch Part 2 – guest blog by Harold Macy

Signing books at events is part of being an author. It’s an opportunity to leave your solitary desk, chat with people who are interested in your book and perhaps make some money. It also gives authors a chance to deal with outfit anxiety, overlapping lifestyle images and potentially embarrassing moments. Continue reading

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