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The writer’s room by Yvonne Maximchuk

Author and artist Yvonne Maximchuk bal­ances interi­or and exter­i­or space to devel­op her cre­at­ive pro­jects. Continue read­ing

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Rebellious Worker-Bee Rides the Back of the Alligator — guest blog by Amanda Hale

Writing is a pre­cari­ous craft involving uncer­tain meas­ures of work­er-bee dili­gence and free-wheel­ing inspir­a­tion. Author Amanda Hale was all set to plunge into a dark nov­el set in World War II when the crow­ing roost­ers and snort­ing pigs of Cuba sent her on anoth­er jour­ney. Continue read­ing

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Preparing to launch Part 3 — guest blog by Rick James

The PowerPoint present­a­tion went well and the crowd was eager to buy books. And then it hap­pend, about sev­en signed books in. Writer Rick James’s past caught up with him. Continue read­ing

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Preparing to Launch Part 2 — guest blog by Harold Macy

Signing books at events is part of being an author. It’s an oppor­tun­ity to leave your sol­it­ary desk, chat with people who are inter­ested in your book and per­haps make some money. It also gives authors a chance to deal with out­fit anxi­ety, over­lap­ping life­style images and poten­tially embar­rass­ing moments. Continue read­ing

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